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  Berry Davis, who founded Neptune Hot Glass twelve years ago, creates sculptures with oceanic themes. The Coral Heads, Reef Sculptures and Lagoons which evolve are reminders of the quickly; vanishing beauty of our planet’s oceans.
The first step in this intriguing process is to assemble the inclusions that are later encased in very high quality molten glass. After the final shaping by hand with graphite smoothing pads, the pieces are cooled in an annealer. The final cutting and polishing is achieved through e use of high-speed diamond tools.
In 2005, Collette Fortin joined the firm as a partner and last year a new gemstone series of works that contain diamonds, rubies, sapphires and citrine, most usually encased with fine silver or 24K gold, was developed, in addition to a series of Treasure Windows that often includes hand-formed metal art.

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